Sunday, 26 June 2016

How to enrich yourself and bring aesthetic sense into your life.

Enriching yourself and bring aesthetic sense into your life:
Usually our thoughts and actions depend on the source of our inspiration. Making our life as meaningful and filled with joy is possible and it’s an ‘art of living’.

To get enrich and bring aesthetic sense into your life:

1) Improve yourself: Concentrate on improving your imperfections.
2) Intimate with yourself: In this entire world no one knows about you better than yourself.So , spend the time with you and evaluate your strengths.
3) Take new challenges: Make an effort to try new things in your life. You will get self confidence if you try new tasks.
4) Acquire knowledge: learning is the life long process. Learn the new things in your life.
5) Personal attitude: Your attitude says what you are. Respond positively to everyone and at everything.
6) Work with ‘interest’: See what is achievable and make it as your goal. In achieving your goals and aims work with real interest.
7) Greatful for all of the things you have: Thankful for all what you have can make you happy.
8) Know your life purpose: Everyone will have unique quality. Know what’s best in you and make use of it.
9) Look for beauty around you: Find inspiration in all things that you see and apply that beauty to your own designed life.
10) Look for beauty in yourself and others: Every person will have virtues and their own values .Recognise   and appreciate it.
11) Reject what is ‘bad’ or unpleasant: ‘Negative’ has its own attractive power , So while ‘having’ your wants and desires choose wisely.
12) Appreciate all forms of ‘arts’: You may like music or dance or drama or literature it’s all forms of arts. Engage yourself to learn the arts or love to enjoy those.


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Importance of setting energetic boundaries.

Two forces influence our day today life. One is positive energy and another one is negative energy. Positive energy is divine that can protect , save and support us.

You may contact many people in your life but all will not have good kind of attitudes. Their negative force can influence and affect your behaviour physically , emotionally and spiritually.

If you want to be safe and secure setting ‘energetic boundaries’ are essential. Energetic boundaries  are set to protect our psyche and spirit from ‘negativity’.

Importance of setting energetic boundaries:

1) Avoiding absorption of negative energy from the people is required if you want to have peace in your life.
2) Creating healthy boundaries with friends , associates and the other persons you meet casually is important. Because you can expose to their strong emotional forces.
3) Healthy boundaries allow you to balance in health.You can use energetic boundaries as a tool for staying protected in every moment of your life.
4) If you want to get and stay healthy.
5) You can have balanced detachment.
6) You can maintain your positive flow of energy with others without suffering with them.

How to create ‘energetic boundaries’:

When two persons come into contact with one another ,energy will get exchange consciously or unconsciously. This ‘exchange’ is invisible for normal people.If you have strong ‘aura’ you can sense and feel it.

1) Recite mantra ( Mantra japa):
If you have Mantra recite it always or you can chant nama sankeertana(Praise the Lord).
2) Do meditation (Dhyana):

Meditate on ‘The supreme power’ image. Pray for your well-being. It cleans your negative energy and brings divine energy into your life.
3) Art of detachment:

Give your love affection and care to all. But away from their negative physical , emotional and spiritual processes.You should be like ‘Lotus leaf’ which grows in water but is never moistened by water.
4) Never think “I am” the doer (Kartha):

When you are giving your ‘best’ to the others never think that you are doing it.Think as if you are a ‘facilitator’ to resolve their issues. If you think you are ‘fixing’ their issue you will become an  ‘egocentric’ person.

If it is regarding the spirituality admit that ‘supreme power’ is the source and you are just a ‘medium’.

5) Give it when someone asked you:

Helping someone who are   in need is good but know your limitations.

The best trait of wise and cultured persons is they will give their ‘advice’ if they have been asked. You should know when to speak and where to stop.

6) Stay cool and calm:

Never give strong ‘reaction’ to the people but give your response.

When interacting with others stay yourself cool. Pranayama(Breathing exercise) will help you to achieve this.

“One who is not envious but who is a kind friend to all living entities , who does not think himself a proprietor , who is free from false ego and equal both in happiness and distress , who is always satisfied and engaged in devotional service with determination and whose mind and intelligence are in agreement with ‘ME’ he is very dear to ‘ME’ “.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ask yourself ' how healthy am i '.

‘How healthy am I’. In this the word ‘I’ it includes your physical , psychological , emotional and spiritual. Life is to be lead happily and healthily. If you are not a ‘healthy’ how can you become complete person. How can you make others ‘conscious’ if you are in un-conscious status.

In my opinion health is the combination of physical , psychological , emotional and spiritual.

1) Physical: Whatever you want to achieve or experience the physical body is essential and it should be healthy.

“Shariramadyam khalu dharma sadhanam”[This body is surely the foremost instrument of doing (good)deeds].

According to ‘Ayurveda’ we should balance ‘Tridosha’(Vata , Pitta and Kapha) i.e Catabolic , Metabolic and Anabolic systems.

2) Mentally alert: It includes ‘awareness’ of yourself and the rest of the world. Always avoid negative thinking.To get positive thinking do meditation.

3) Intellectually sharp: Intellectuality associated with reason and thinking.
 If you have intelligence you can able to overcome your own problems. You can provide solutions to others issues also. To get Intellectuality  (a) Think (b) Read (c) Understand.

4) Emotionally balanced: Allow yourself to experience whatever comes up in your life.Never react to the situations but ‘respond’. Never overwhelmed to the results .Remember we can’t change the incidents but we can choose to ‘respond’  positively.

5) Spiritually elevated: Spiritually healthy people live with hope .Even in difficulties you will never lose confidence .You will think and act positively.

Spirituality includes your endeavours and HIS kind grace. To get initiation in spirituality ‘surrender’ yourself to the supreme power. HE will take care of you.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Are you idealistic or Realistic?

Few persons seems to be optimistic. They always dream for ‘possible fortunes’ but less action oriented. Because of their less practicality usually they will get disappointments. Idealism come from our thought and idea's.

Realistic nature persons sees objects , actions or conditions as they are.They always talk about ‘facts’ and ‘figures’.They are so practical in life.Their motto is ‘what the fact is’.

Idealistic persons and their nature:

1) They see the things in hopeful way: Good to have hope but see the possibilities.
2) Positive thinkers: Excellent to have positiveness but ‘action’ gives you real happiness.
3) They have high ambitions in life: Pursue those with real interest.
4) Less focus in achieving things: Overcome this with increasing your persistence.
5) Looks for ideal or perfection: Remember one can’t be perfect in all the things.
6) They set not achievable goals: Validate your goal before anticipation.
7) They take risky decisions: wild guess is preferable.
8) Impractical visionary: Have a good vision about the results.

Realistic persons and their nature:

1) Realistic persons are more practical.
2) They are action oriented.
3) They always plan and accordingly they act.
4) They set achievable goals.
5) They take safer choices.
6) They always look for facts.
7) Goal oriented .
8) They think very carefully in taking decisions.

Being positive is great but we should not miss the reality.

In this universe many things we can’t find ‘facts’ and visible proofs.Many mysterious things we can’t know and feel with our five senses.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

What's your values and how important those to you moving ahead?

What values you are having says what you are. Values of a person can be either right or wrong. Ethics differentiate between right and wrong. Ethics help to choose right values.

Values is the core concept to understand a person. Culture tells what is established behaviour.

Values :

1) Self actualisation : Your wisdom starts from knowing who you are.
2) Non-violance: It is the divine value.’Ahimso paramodharmaha’(Non-violance is the greatest duty).
3) Forgiveness: Kshamaya dharitri (Having patience like an earth).
4) Truth: Satyam vadha (Speak the truth).
5) Purity of mind: If your thoughts are good your actions will be good.
6) Gratitude: Thankful for what you are having.
7) Loyalty: supporting for good cause and people.
8) Liberation: Freedom from restrictions.
9) Cosmic consciousness: Believing in divinity and try to increase extra sensory perception.
10) Personal relationship: Supportive and friendly.
11) Love: Love the goodness in others.
12) Honesty: Be yourself that’s the greatest thing.Be true to others.

Do to others what you want others do to you.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to lead life and to become poorna (Complete).

Human life is the gift of God. Among all the living beings humans are superior’s. Human life is bound by certain duties. One should have un-changeable faith in human endeavour and self restraint (Samyama). We should practice self discipline (Tapasya).

To become poorna (complete):
We all should do four ‘Purusharthas’(Object of human pursuit)  to have complete life.

1) Dharma: In daily life we may do so may actions(karmas) those should be virtuous. We should lead  right way of living and follow cosmic law.
2) Artha: Earning materialistic things and prosperity.
3) Kama: Sensory enjoyment and desire.
4) Moksha: Spiritual liberation and self realization.

“The life span of a man is one hundred years. Dividing that time , he should attend to three aims of life in such a way that they support , rather than hinder each other. In his youth he should attend to profitable aims (Artha) such as learning , in his prime to pleasure(Kama) , and in his old age to Dharma and Moksha.”
-Vatsyayana (Kamasutra).

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Are you highly frustrated soul ?

Are you highly frustrated soul:

For every action there will be reaction but you are overreact at everyone and at everything. This is because you have distressed , annoyed from your inability to change something. You have expected a lot from your life but it has given you half results only. Your sensitive personality couldn’t bear the pain of betrayals .Causes for your frustrations could be many.

Few are.

Causes and reasons for your frustrations:

1) Society has made you as a victim. You have  received abuse and assault from others.
2) You have lost your money and belongings.
3) You got betrayal from close associated.
4) You are constantly worrying about your unresolved issue's.
5) You have many expectations but not happening as per your wish.
6) Many things went wrong with you.
7) You constantly feel  that your life is passing before your eyes with no happy moments.
8) You have lost at many things.
9) Your low self confidence made you as a coward person. So , you couldn’t achieve much.
10) You simply expect everything but do less to have them.
11) You think your fate is not good.

How to overcome overreacting or frustration:

1) Know the root cause of your frustration and eliminate it.
2) ‘Desire’  Causes everything .validate your goals and desires. They should be realistic.
3) What makes you frustrate and make a note and work on it.
4) Forget your bitter and sad things in your life.
5) Forgive the persons that caused your grief.
6) Forgive yourself.
7) Know your ability and accordingly set your goals.
8) Stop dreaming and start doing.
9) Remember your past achievements and feel happy about that.
10) Remove negative thoughts from your brain.
11) Remove negative feelings and experiences from your heart.
12) Say good by to negative and toxic people from your life.
13) What makes you happy make a list and have them in your life.
14) Associate with supportive and kind persons.
15) Do meditation , it reduces your anger and gloomy nature.
16) Watch comedy movies and read comic's .
17) Don’t do multi tasking.
18) Find happiness even at small things.

 Frustration is just your response at certain things. It’s in your control.

“The person who is always involved in good deeds experiences divine happiness.”
-Rig Veda.